Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mobile Business Solution’s Benefits

Business phones are the cornerstone of any communications solution that can make a business’s day to day performances. Without the ability to communicate with the outside world, productivity becomes stopped, causing a loss of income. The way companies do business has changed dramatically in recent years and with the concept of mobile office, the office is now where the customers are.

This presented a challenge with many companies trying to figure out how to establish communication with a mobile workforce. Emergence of new technologies, the concept of "office" to get a whole new meaning. Many employees now working in an office at home, this leads to increased productivity for the company and rest for the employee. Telecommunication has become the norm with many company’s benefit from low-cost solution that offers. If you do not receive any building or premises, a business can now invest these savings in the growth and development in other important areas.

The Internet has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years, the majority of households with high speed Internet access. With a broadband connection, the staff can access now to a corporate network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel. With this access to the corporate network, employees can now done all the tasks that they would normally do when they were in their offices. This includes business phone broadband which allows such connection.

A mobile solution includes the ability to forward calls to a mobile phone with the touch of a button. This can be used either with a desktop setup at home or in a traditional office environment. Many employees are out of the office in the normal course of business and with the transmission function of mobile phones, their expansion goes hand in hand with them. This has advantages compared to enter a cell phone number to clients or customers. The employee may transfer the phone when he or she is taking calls on his cell phone. If the number of cells is indicated, it means she can be reached at any time of day or night by customers, even if they are not at work. With a separation between work and leisure is important for job satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

Another benefit of mobile business solution is one of the founders of the business practices that respect the environment. If each employee could work from home, offering savings in fuel costs for the employee and reducing emissions (by reducing the number of cars on the road) is a simple and effective way for any business to be respectful of the environment. Many large companies have taken the "going green" initiatives because of customer requirements. The debate on global warming and other environmental issues to the forefront, many consumers are voting with their wallets and choose to do business with companies that are actively seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint. How to tell customers that the company aims to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions offers its customers the impression that the company has a strong sense of social responsibility.

If the concept of taking the most time with you first entered, only large companies have provided the benefits of efficiency. Most small telephone systems are not able to produce small businesses through more traditional technology. Now that VoIP has become the norm, most manufacturers of small PBX now this functionality in their systems. This gives small businesses an increase in long-awaited level playing field. For many small businesses do not provide receipts and maintain multiple sites, they can build a presence in other areas by hiring people with a home office.

How companies use business phones today is largely different from the way they were used as little as ten years ago. Technology forward at an impressive pace and keep up with these advances mean that most businesses to be updated with "out of the box" thinking. These companies may refuse to move forward and embrace believe they are still lagging behind in terms of growth and meet customer demand leave. We are now in a technological age, the understanding of the average consumer and expect an exciting new technology.

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