Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Growing Business Phone Broadband

The number of VoIP users in the UK has reached nearly three million, according to a new study. Subscriptions increased by 15 percent during the first three quarters of 2009, reaching 2.95million by the end of this period, research by In-Stat found.

And in the world, the number of subscribers is estimated at 288 million in the next three years. Mobile VoIP applications are expected to generate revenues of U.S. $ 35.2million (£ 23.4million) for the same period, the team behind the estimates conclusions.

The possibility of short-term mobile VoIP and broadband is closely linked with the growing success of dual-mode phones and other Wi-Fi devices connected, according to Frank Dickson, In-Stat analyst. But he also believes that its development could be hampered if operators see it as a direct threat to the income of voice services.

The number of Wi-Fi and dual-mode handsets in use worldwide by 2013 will reach 400 million, the technology company focused on market research believes.

As a result, some industry observers believe that VoIP will eventually become the standard way to transmit voice calls. It could also help reduce the cost of mobile phone calls, thanks to the falling prices of data transmission. With many VoIP calls between phones free benefits in reducing the cost of telephone calls business are already well known. Among the new converts to VoIP, the vast majority are expected to be business users in the Asia-Pacific region.

Market growth in the United States, in particular, is seen to stabilize, with penetration expected to increase from 42 percent at the end of 2009, 79 percent by 2013. However, consumers are willing to cling to the quality of VoIP calls which offers improved, with many even go to a 3G mobile phone from a landline to enjoy both this and the cost savings available.

This rate of growth is expected to increase as the continuous flow drops mobile data is reflected in the cost of mobile voice applications. Since the originating VoIP, Skype was launched in 2003, new entrants have tried to capture market share, including Google, with its Google Talk installed, and Logitech, including SightSpeed supply, which strongly favors the quality of sound and video transmissions, placing the ability to make phone calls at low prices as an advantage less important. Business phone broadband is expected to drive growth in upcoming 3 to 5 years. And it will reach to top in communication and technologies.

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